Renew confidence in eLearning.

Follett MyDestiny™ rescues teachers’ time with educator-vetted, standards-aligned content; advanced search; collaborative lesson planning and real-time analysis – all while improving student outcomes.


Stop managing content.

Eliminate countless hours of managing vendors and formats. Families and educators will delight in a one-stop source for safe, up-to-date content with over 50,000 multi-user eBooks and 100,000 vetted OERs (checked nightly). You will delight in the money saved.

Streamline lesson planning.

MyDestiny uses an advanced recommendation engine to find the exact resources teachers need quickly. Lesson plans can be created in minutes instead of hours, with leveled content aligned to support any curriculum and real-time collaboration tools for teachers and students.

Get immediate feedback.

Analyze and connect in real time. Receive detailed analytics to measure student performance, and seamlessly connect reports and resources with G Suite for Education™ and Follett Destiny® integration. Plus, new connection and analysis options are continually being added to expand your view of students’ day-to-day learning.

Empower educators and students.

Go beyond training. MyDestiny professional development sessions give educators resources and insight into the latest research-based practices for improving student achievement.

MyDestiny has been recognized across the industry for its innovations.

Since 1873, Follett has been innovating and empowering educators to build confident, independent and well-rounded students.

Years of experience as a family-run company

Schools around the world partner with Follett

Print titles, eBooks and resources offered

Students learn and grow with Follett


  • Yes, MyDestiny is 100% web-based and can be used for all kinds of distance learning, either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with your learning management system (LMS). MyDestiny is compatible with computers, tablets and phones, allowing remote students the ability to complete their work on just about any internet-connected device they have at home.

    Educators can work collaboratively to develop and share online courses. Unit, lesson and assessment development tools, along with access to over 50,000 eBooks and 100,000 vetted Open Educational Resources (OERs), enable teachers to create engaging, interactive courses.

    MyDestiny supports whole-class, small group and independent learning. Educators can identify texts and resources and embed activities that can be shared synchronously with an entire class.

    Teachers can also differentiate texts, resources and activities for groups of students, including students who may need additional support – English Language Learners and special education students, as well as students working above grade level.

    Integration with Google Classroom supports students in collaborative interaction on assignments and projects. Lesson components can also be pushed out to students for asynchronous independent learning and practice.

    Embedded tools support all instructional formats and student engagement, including eReader highlighter, notes, dictionary lookup and text-to-speech.

  • Yes, MyDestiny stays up to date with the latest national and state standards.

    The books and Open Educational Resources (OERs) in MyDestiny are tagged by the content topic. This surfaces the most relevant content through the artificial intelligence in MyDestiny when an educator has specified the standards being targeted.

    The system also recommends the applicable standards when an educator looks up a particular book or OER.

    The educator has all the tools and information needed to align the content and activities in a lesson with any content and skill standards being targeted.

  • Follett has long-standing relationships with multiple publishers and is able to continually acquire engaging content for science and social studies.

    Support for reading comprehension skills is incorporated throughout the content areas, as building deep background knowledge is correlated with greater reading growth and reading ability.

    MyDestiny will be your go-to for both enjoyable nonfiction and fiction!

  • Yes, teachers can choose a topic in MyDestiny and find a variety of reading levels within that topic to enable differentiation.

    Publishers work with a variety of reading level programs, such as Lexile® or Fountas & Pinnell, for leveling their books, and filtering tools allow teachers and students to search for and identify texts at different reading levels so that content can be differentiated for every learner.

    It is important to consider not only the reading level but also the interest level and the background knowledge of a student when selecting the right text complexity for a particular student.

    The variety of reading levels also lends itself to the importance of read-alouds above reading level for building background knowledge orally, as well as guided reading for small group instruction and independent reading for practice.