Guide the learning journey from discovery to mastery.

No other platform combines an expansive library of eBooks and open educational resources with artificial intelligence to create a discovery-driven universe where students thrive. Follett MyDestiny puts educators in control with tools to make learning impactful.

Create a learning experience they’ll remember.

Make learning purposeful and memorable. MyDestiny changes the way teachers create lessons and students engage with materials. It’s built for today’s classroom and the type of practical learning needed for tomorrow.

Existing tools can no longer keep up with the demands placed on administrators, educators and students. MyDestiny changes that. You use online tools today that provide you with suggested results based on your search terms. With artificial intelligence, MyDestiny improves that process to recommend relevant, high-quality results, allowing you to determine the best possible learning resources for your students.

Here’s how MyDestiny is different.

  • Access 40,000 eBooks and up to 750,000 resources.
  • Locate relevant resources with built-in artificial intelligence.
  • Leverage machine learning to easily align resources to standards.
  • Recommend books to students.
  • Build quizzes to measure comprehension.
  • Generate reports to track comprehension.
  • Build connections between learning at home and learning at school.
  • Receive unparalleled support and access to professional development opportunities.
  • Use the multi-user Follett eBooks you already have in Destiny® Library Manager to augment lessons.

Access a growing library of purposeful content.

We've curated the content from our publishing partners to develop a strong digital collection to help students reach their highest level. Our core collection will best serve you in areas such as science, social studies and English language arts. There’s also an expanded collection for K-2 core instruction, alongside peripheral collections around career and technical education and STEAM for young adults, plus great fiction and nonfiction titles to encourage independent reading. While we started with 40,000 titles, as use grows and trends develop, input will drive the collection to grow and change. There’s always something new.

Why partner with Follett?

Follett is family-owned and customer-focused.

As an established family-owned company, Follett is committed to building a lasting partnership with every school.

Work with a trusted partner in education technology.

You probably already use Follett technology in your district. Partner with a team that understands how technology powers learning.

Dive into content without limitations.

Follett has partnerships with more than 6,000 publishers, giving you access to a diverse collection of resources.

MyDestiny is built from educator input and knowledge.

We’ve opened the door for you to reach students with impact and purpose. Now you lead the way and tell us how to make MyDestiny the ultimate learning platform.

We'll equip you with training tools.

Get the most out of MyDestiny with short and simple tutorial videos for both teachers and students.