With MyDestiny, it's possible to:

  • Locate relevant resources with built-in artificial intelligence.
  • Access 40,000 eBooks and up to 750,000 resources.
  • Utilize Follett multi-user eBooks in Destiny® Library Manager.
  • Leverage machine learning to easily align resources to standards.
  • Recommend books to students.
  • Build quizzes to measure comprehension.
  • Generate reports to track progress and achievement.
  • Assign lessons to students.
  • Connect learning in the classroom to learning at home.
  • Receive unparalleled support and training.
  • Provide students a place for self-discovery to find materials on topics that interest them.

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"Our curriculum and standards are constantly evolving, and I consistently have to invest in new products to support those changes. MyDestiny appears that it will allow me to invest in one platform, and it will mold to support our curriculum updates and changes by providing us the flexibility to sequence and organize the content we have to reflect those updates."

Dr. Bill Chapman, Superintendent
Jarrell ISD

Jarrell, TX

Make learning purposeful for every student.

MyDestiny can help teachers close achievement gaps and guide students with further instruction and supplemental resources. More than helping students fill in the blanks, MyDestiny can also recommend additional resources to students who are hungry for more and develop an interest in a topic, taking them beyond reading in the classroom to learning for enjoyment.