Lay a foundation for learning with an expansive library of resources.

MyDestiny features an expansive library of educational content, with limitless potential to build and create lessons.

  • Access more than 40,000 multi-use eBooks and up to 750,000 resources.
  • Utilize Follett multi-user eBooks in Destiny® Library Manager.
  • Leverage the power of more than $1.5 million in pre-loaded resources.

Build lessons and easily align resources to standards.

Create a robust lesson in minutes, not hours. Start with a standard, or a resource.

  • Select a standard, then create a lesson around it.
  • Or, start with a resource and craft a lesson that uses it.
  • Add open educational resources and eBooks — you can even link to a specific page or chapter in an eBook.

Assign lessons to students.

Students have clear and easy access to assigned lessons.

  • View directions and instructions.
  • See due dates for each assignment.
  • Complete quizzes.

Create quizzes to measure comprehension.

Quizzes can be used to set learning benchmarks and track progress.

  • Build a quiz using 11 types of questions, including multiple choice, true and false, matching and more.
  • Quizzes are auto-graded, allowing you to quickly see where students are.
  • Use quizzes to determine if additional instruction is needed.

Access resources and content outside of lessons.

Teachers and students can easily search the expansive content library.

  • Find supplemental materials to further instruction.
  • Locate and recommend additional resources by class or grade level.
  • Students can dig deeper into topics of interest, while teachers can search for specific lessons.

See MyDestiny in action.