Training Videos

Master it in minutes. On-demand training videos are quick, informative and to-the-point. Our series of videos will help if you are looking to learn more about using and navigating MyDestiny.

Training videos cover topics for both teachers and students.

Teacher Tutorials:
  • Using MyDestiny
  • Accessing desktop and mobile versions
  • Using the expansive content library to find resources
  • Navigating the platform
  • Navigating lesson creation tools
  • Best practices for student use
  • And more
Student Tutorials:
  • What is MyDestiny?
  • Finding lessons
  • Completing assignments
  • Finding personalized content
  • Accessing it at school and home
  • Searching the content-rich library
  • And more

Professional Development Services

In addition to on-demand videos, we offer webinars and on-site training opportunities.

Classroom Management

From building effective lessons to incorporating collaborative learning in the classroom, see best practices for making learning more impactful.

We’ll cover:
  • The components of an effective lesson
  • How to integrate quality content from a variety of sources
  • Collaboration at every level between teachers, students and librarians
  • Project-based learning

Balanced Learning

Understand the key differences between personalized, individualized and differentiated learning, and how blended learning uses online tools to supplement the educational journey.

We’ll cover:
  • The core components of personalized learning
  • How blended learning provides a personalized learning approach
  • Using technology to transform learning, not just supplement it
  • How to address learning differences in the classroom

Balanced Literacy

Explore new techniques and essential components to shared reading and writing activities that further students’ literacy and comprehension skills.

We’ll cover:
  • Different approaches to shared reading
  • How shared reading benefits literacy growth
  • Using appropriate resources for shared reading and writing
  • Activities for before, during and after lessons